Do you hate wasting your time?

If your workouts aren't working anymore ask yourself these questions- 

I know working out is not everyone’s thing, but if you have ever started to work out and felt frustrated because you did not see the results you were looking for, or if you have hit a plateau, this post is for you! If you have never worked out, but are wanting to start, I have a few tips at the end for you.

Am I varying my workout?

Varying the duration, intensity, and type of exercise can help you if you are feeling stuck. Often times, we find something we enjoy doing and continue to do that same thing over and over. It is okay to love the elliptical, but jumping on the elliptical every day for 30 minutes and going a mile and a half daily will eventually lead you to a plateau. Add in some short sprints, change the length of the workout, or the machine you are using. Those changes will bring big results. The same can be said for running- we all get comfortable running the same route, the same distance, or the same duration, but changing up your run a few times a week will bring in added results.

Am I overcompensating? 

Once you have been doing the same workout over and over, you may notice you can complete the workout increasingly faster. That is not a bad thing, but eventually, without changing the speed intervals or duration, your body will adjust to this too.

Am I over training? 

Spending too much time in the gym and over training can lead to ineffective workouts. You need to work out smarter, not longer. Incorporating a rest/recovery day is imperative. Your body needs that break one to two times a week. Getting adequate sleep is also vital. You will not make any progress if you are not giving your body time to rest.

In addition to giving yourself time to rest, if you are coming off of an injury, take it slow! Focus on your form while building back up your strength and ease in slowly. There is nothing worse than coming off an injury and hurting yourself again because you did too much too fast.

Am I trying to do too much? 

If you are someone who has never really had a solid routine, or you have started and quit several times my advice to you is to start slow. Look at what you have planned and cut it in half. There is nothing more discouraging than starting some kind of workout program and ending up so sore you miss several workouts and then quit. You don’t have to absolutely kill it the first day out.

Emily Copeland