My #1 Tip to Get That Workout Done!


Are you lacking the motivation to exercise? Do you feel like you are exercising without any direction? I have a tip to get that workout done, especially when you don't want to.

Oftentimes, we get stuck and frustrated with the lack of progress being made towards results. Ensuring you are eating enough food, balancing your workouts with proper rest, and maintaining a positive mindset can all help attain those goals.

Making sure we take the time to make exercise a priority is critical to reaching our goals, but how do we make that happen?

Building the Motivation

My #1 tip is to lay out your workout clothes the night before and have a planned workout that you are committed to.

When I lay out my clothing, it helps build my motivation to exercise. I am far more likely to actually get dressed and motivated for a workout than if I allow myself to make an excuse that I have to go find clothes, change my clothes, etc. That is the #1 Tip to get that workout done.

Even committing to just 5 minutes to get started will likely get you going enough to finish your workout!

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Here are a few bonus tips to get that workout done:

1. Schedule It! If it is not in my planner, often times I don’t have time for it. If I don’t schedule time for a workout, I will find every excuse in the book to not complete it.

Most of us generally know how busy our day is going to be. Some days we may need to get our workout in early while we still have motivation to exercise. Others right before bedtime may be the only option; whatever the situation, failing to put it down in writing will allow us to easily move it down the priority list.

2. Take one day early in the week to write out all your workouts (or gather them in one place) so you have a plan.

Writing out all of my workouts helps me to commit to my workouts, and have direction. I used to struggle with deciding which workout to do. If you are anything like me, decision making is hard, and so the easier choice is to just not make any decision.

Sitting down and deciding ahead of time what workout will be done which days, which days you will rest, and then being willing to be flexible will ensure your success.

When the time comes to do your workout, you can just go! We can easily lose motivation to exercise by talking ourselves out of a workout that we have randomly found for the day. Also, we don’t push/challenge ourselves because we are not building upon previous workouts.

If you are randomly choosing workouts day-to-day, you aren’t able to really effectively evaluate the progress you are making.


Pre-planning your workouts also helps with finding the balance between variety, intensity, and duration. Writing down your workouts will help you effectively plan workouts that will truly be effective and help avoid the plateau or burnout that exercise can bring.

3. Find someone to hold you accountable. This isn’t to say that you have to have a workout buddy, and you can only workout with someone, but instead finding someone to make sure you are completing your workouts.

Maybe you have a friend who is also trying to reach their goals as well. Text each other. Ask each other if you have completed your workout for the day. Hold each other accountable on a daily basis and give each other the support you need to be successful.

It isn’t hard to find someone like minded, and rarely will anyone turn down the support and encouragement of a friend.

The FASTer Way to Fat Loss gives you the direction and accountability you need to be successful when it comes to prioritizing your fitness.

The workouts are planned out for the week, flexible to fit your schedule, and the accountability from myself and the other women in the program will keep you on track.

If you are struggling with implementing an effective nutrition and workout program, and feel stuck or lost, the FWTFL is for you. My next round will begin on October 29th - grab your spot today and start working towards your goals!

Emily Copeland