What motivates me to push myself each and every day to be the best version of myself?

Why I became a FWTFL Certified Coach .

My journey to become a faster way to Fat Loss coach started a couple years ago when I had just delivered my third baby. I realized that I was overweight, out of shape, and honestly just not loving myself. I had decided to go ahead and work on becoming healthier and so I started with the 30 day shred. Shortly after doing that, I realized that if I wanted to be efficient I needed to be running. I started running a little bit at a time, increasing my mileage and distance until after about a year-and-a-half I was running for almost 2 hours several times a week. During the same time I was definitely under eating, my plates were so much less food than even my kids and do they were starting to notice. While I had lost 70 lb after Henry was born, I was literally stepping on the scale several times a day obsessive about that number and my girls were watching me. They started coming into my bathroom at night and weighing themselves and start talking about their body is negatively and I knew that something had to change. They had seen me obsess about the scale, and now they had become obsessed. I realized I was a hypocrite. I was trying to teach them to love themselves, but I didn't love myself. I knew something had to change.

I had seen a lot about Amanda's program because we were Facebook friends and we had gone to the same college. In January of this last year, I had finally had enough. I joined Amanda program, and the first thing she had us to do was get rid of our scale. I took mine to my mother-in-law because I was sure that I was going to get it back. During Amanda's program we really focused on those non scale victories that actually truly mattered and shifting my mindset from a negative view of my body to a positive one. I lost inches, I grew stronger, but most of all I showed my girls what it meant to live a healthy lifestyle that wasn't damaging to myself. I told my mother-in-law to keep the scale after two rounds. I have realized that it is so much more than a number on a scale.

After I finish my second round, I realized that I truly found value in the message that the faster way to Fat Loss had taught me. I wanted to share that feeling with other moms who are struggling just the same as I was. My passion is to empower women to take control of their health and wellness in order to create a healthier lifestyle for themselves and for their families. I am successful if I am able to show women that they are more than a number on the scale. I want to  show my daughters they are more than a number on the scale. It goes back to my passion- I want my girls to grow up learning to love themselves and to know that that number on the scale does not matter. To know they can live a healthy lifestyle that is long-term. That starts with me. That is why I became a coach for The FASTer Way to Fat Loss Coach.

Emily Copeland