Why $199 is just a drop in your healthcare bucket!

The other day I shared a video on why you should view your health as an investment instead of an expense. You can find that video here: Why $199 is just a drop in your health care bucket

Prioritizing your health by taking preventative steps can really help save you money in the long run by keeping your bodies healthy and running at its best!

One of the issues I hear from people who are considering joining the FASTer Way to Fat Loss as to why they can't do it is the cost. I get that. I was there. I didn't spend money on  my health until there was a problem because that is the way it seems it should be. BUT I have come to find this last year that in spending money investing in my health has actually worked out to be cheaper in the long run- a doctor's visit when I am sick costs me $170 plus any kind of prescription I need- vitamins and probiotics that help me boost my immunity and keep me from getting sick are significantly less. I saw the monthly cost of those things and only thought about how much money was going out now- instead of looking at what it was saving me long term by avoiding the doctor, tests, and prescriptions. Don't get me wrong, those things definitely have their place and need, but since implementing intermittent fasting this last year and adding in a few other things that have been beneficial for me- I have been able to keep myself much healthier than in years past.

Our nutrition and wellness now affects so much more than just the short term. There are things we can be doing now to help with issues that may arise later in life. Intermittent Fasting helps reduce the risk of Type 2 Diabetes. Fasting daily allows your insulin levels to remain regulated and stable. This allows your insulin levels to function optimally throughout the day. You are less likely to become insulin resistant, and less likely to become diabetic. Intermittent Fasting can prevent disease and boost the immune system as well.  There are several other benefits one might experience incorporating intermittent fasting into your daily routine: better sleep and more energy, greater mental clarity, along with better digestion and less inflammation. The benefits go on and on.

Have you ever broken down the cost of how much you actually spend each year on your health care costs you? I am not just talking about premiums, but also prescriptions, tests, over the counter medications, etc. Some insurance companies even offer incentives for maintaining healthy numbers on a yearly physical or some other assessment. Is there something in your daily or weekly routine that you are spending money on that could be prioritized differently? Is there something you could give up for a time to invest a little bit into your health- a daily coffee or a meal eaten out once a week?

Investing in your health with a program like the FASTer Way can give you the support, guidance, and accountability you need to spark a successful lifestyle change. Investing now in your health, instead of paying for it as an expense later truly has long term benefits. The FASTer Way does not have any shakes, pills, or wraps to continue to buy. You maintain access to the online portal where the comprehensive guide and workouts after the 7 weeks is over.

How much is your health costing you?  How many doctor visits and prescriptions have you had to work into the budget?  How much is YOUR health and wellness worth to you? Continuing on your current course could be costing you a lot. You NEED the FASTer Way to FAT Loss. My next group starts on 2/26! Click here to Register Now.

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