Throw that scale in the trash!

We often look at that number on the scale and allow that to define our success. Focusing on the scale can overshadow our actual progress and movement forward towards our goals. Is your focus wrong? I wanted to share 3 quick ways to shift your focus.

1.Shift your MINDSET

One of the biggest challenges to reaching our goals oftentimes is ourselves. We tend to sabotage progress and maintain a negative mindset when we are not instantly gratified. This is all about progress, and not perfection, and it takes a while to see the change in ourselves. Too often we get down on ourselves because the scale is not showing us the change we are looking for, and that can lead to a negative mindset. Often, we quit before real progress is made. Have you ever thought that maybe your focus- the scale- is the wrong one? When I shared about making goals, I shared that ensuring you are setting SMART goals will lead to success. Staying positive and reducing your stress both help make that shift to a healthier mindset. Setting goals that are achievable, but also very specific, that you can check progress towards, will help you stay positive. The scale does not always show forward progress. When I finished my first round of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss I had gained 3 pounds. Most people would be discouraged at that point, but I also lost over 14 inches. Those inches had to come from somewhere. I could see in my pictures that I was visibly leaner, even if the scale did not tell me that I was. Focusing on the inches, if you clothes fit better, and how you feel in general are better indicators in how successful you have been and help us maintain that positive mindset.

2. Shift from the OVERWHELMING

There is nothing worse than trying to make a worthwhile change, but allowing ourselves to become overwhelmed by the magnitude of it. When you are focusing on making changes to your nutrition- make small changes. One of the things I hear the most as a busy mom is “I don’t have time to make several different meals”. Don’t. Make small, intentional changes to the overall meal or plan meals that generally fit your needs. If everyone is having hamburgers, skip the bun- wrap it in lettuce. Little changes like that will make a huge impact on your nutrition.  If you haven’t been working out, or even if you have, you don’t have to go out and hit the gym for 2 hours a week- adding in a short walk each day or a little bit of weights can make a huge difference without a big requirement of time. Focusing on the content of your workouts, instead of the duration of your workouts, is a small change to your focus, but will bring big results.

3. Shift those CELEBRATIONS

Celebrate those non scale victories. We often get hung up on our goal numbers and overlook the little things that are happening along the way. Are your pants starting to fit better? Can you wear a shirt you haven’t been able to recently? Is that favorite dress getting too big? These things are all not tied to the scale, but do directly show you the forward progress you are making. Make sure you are focusing on making progress and not perfection. We tend to let ourselves get stressed out or talk ourselves out of starting because we know that we will be interrupted, we will have to stop early, or our focus will be off. There is never a “perfect” time and so you just have to find what works for you and commit! Did you know that just stopping and thinking about what you’re grateful for a few times a day reduces the stress hormone, cortisol, by 23%? Focus on being thankful for the little victories. Feel free to brag on yourself. If you are putting in the work and seeing those small things, odds are others are too, and they are happy to celebrate with you!


I challenge you to sit down and figure out what your focus is. Are you only focused on the number on the scale, or do you have goals that you can shoot for that will keep you on that positive track headed towards success through progress?

Emily Copeland