Whats your excuse?

“Tomorrow”, “Next Week”, “Next Month”. How many times have we told ourselves we would start to get healthy tomorrow and that turns into weeks or months, maybe never.

We allow ourselves to find excuses to push it off- money, work, insert excuse here. Many times those excuses are rationalized in our heads because we fear failure. Often times, we use the fear of failure to avoid starting something. We shouldn’t fear failure itself, we should fear being in the same place this time next year because we were too afraid to start. Have you ever sat down and actually written out your excuses.

I am sure if you did, you would find that most of them can be legitimately reasoned away just by thinking through the actual implications of the excuse. Many times, it is not the excuse that is actually holding us back, but instead the way we have prioritized our lives and allowed those “excuses” to push the priorities down the list.


One of the biggest hang ups people have when it comes to health and wellness is the investment- either you are investing in your health or it becomes an expense down the road. Right?!? The Faster Way breaks down to about $4.06 per day or $28.42 per week. How many times do you go out to eat a week? If you are like us, it just took giving up going out one time a week to find money in the budget. It isn't that we can't usually- it is that we aren't willing. We like having the excuse and aren't willing to make the sacrifice or change necessary to make it happen. 

Supplements, shakes, and pills can only get you so far. So often we turn to these things for a quick fix, but ultimately unless you plan to constantly pay for these pricey items, you won’t see lasting results. How much are these costing you a month? How much money have you thrown away going from one trend to the next? Once you register for the FASTer Way To Fat Loss there is nothing else to buy!

The focus is on whole food nutrition, effective exercise, and an education that leads to a lifestyle change. These things bring results. Knowing how to properly fuel your body to burn fat is valuable and worth so much more than any kind of diet plan that promises instant results. Knowledge gives you a lifetime of results. 

I posted the other day a quote, and it says “Don’t miss out on something that could be amazing, just because it could also be difficult." We often run from things that MIGHT be hard because we MIGHT have to make a real change. In our minds we want the change, but we convince ourselves that we aren't worth the investment in ourselves. That change may be hard. We always want to take the easy road, but the problem is that EASY ROAD does not get you to your goals- it gets you to complacency with dissatisfaction.


I have a round of the FASTer Way To Fat Loss starting today and these ladies and men are ready for a real change- they are tired of the yo-yo, the guilt, and the fads and are ready to make a real change. It is not too late to join us- stop making excuses. Make today the Monday you make that change! 


Emily Copeland