Is your breakfast making you fat?

Want to shed fat? Stop eating breakfast. Seriously. Do it. You don’t need breakfast!

Here’s why…

Most of us stretch our meals over an extended period during the day. We may start our day at 8 am with breakfast and finish with a bedtime snack around 8 pm. When you do this, you never allow your body to go into a fasted state. Unless you are entering that fasted state, your body will continue to burn glycogen for energy and leave that fat right where it is.

You feel like you have been doing all the right things- eating clean, following all the “rules” or “fads”, and exercising regularly (and maybe even too intensely),  but are still holding onto fat around the midsection, feeling low on energy and hitting a wall of exhaustion mid-afternoon everyday. It is time to make a change. It is time to start effectively burning fat.

The FASTer Way is the answer. It helps women break past their plateaus to see incredible, sustainable results.

Skipping breakfast is just one small component to hopping off of the 6 mini-meal per day roller coaster of frustration. When you skip “breakfast” and allow your body to enter that extended fasted state you will start seeing RESULTS!

The FASTer Way to Fat Loss is all about turning your body into a natural fat burner. To effectively burn fat, you’ve got to eat enough of the right things, for the right reason. Your workout is most effective when you eat at the right times in relationship to your workouts. Most women eat far too many carbs (and mostly processed carbs) and not nearly enough proteins and fats. This means that their body effectively burns sugar – from carbs, but rarely reaches into its fat stores. During the FASTer Way my clients learn how to eat enough of the right macronutrients, as well as how to effectively use carbs for maximum fat loss. This takes some practice, but once clients learn how to track and cycle effectively, they find this to be one of the simplest, most flexible ways to live. They no longer feel deprived, but continue to see fat loss results. In addition, they are maximizing their non-scale victories as well: better sleep, more energy, feeling in control of their food choices and feeling less discomfort after eating.

The key to Intermittent Fasting- eating a normal amount of calories, just in a shorter period of time, allows for our bodies to rev up our overall metabolism. Intermittent Fasting has significant positive effects on overall health and wellness. Intermittent Fasting allows for the body to rest and repair itself, while building lean muscle through effective and smart workouts. You will see an increased metabolic rate and significant change to your overall body composition. The FASTer Way to Fat Loss helps us gain lean muscle and lose that fat. I wrote a FREE guide to help you better understand why we do this, and how to get started doing this. Grab that here

Do you enjoy  breakfast foods too much to give it up? The answer is simple- enjoy the foods you like, within your eating window. You can still have breakfast and lose fat- its a win-win!

Thousands of women from all walks of life have truly changed their lives as a result of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss. Intermittent Fasting is one of the highly effective strategies we use in the FASTer Way to achieve results! Skipping breakfast may seem counterintuitive, but allowing your body to rest and remain fasted just makes sense. This is why your breakfast is making you fat!

You can continue to feel sluggish, tired, and bloated, allowing stress and negativity to hold you back. Or you can sign up for  the FASTer Way this year and start burning fat while everyone else is putting it on! New year- new YOU!  You’ve got a decision to make.

You can do the things you’ve always done and get the same results, or you can do something different, and get different results. Make a change today! Register now for my group starting Monday- you won't regret it! Click the FASTer Way To Fat Loss in the top right corner! 


Emily Copeland