How could becoming a FASTer Way To Fat Loss Coach change YOUR life?

How To Take Full Advantage Of The New FWTFL Coach Certification Opportunity

The new FASTer Way To Fat Loss Coaching opportunity is creating a huge stir! The income potential is off the charts, and the response has been massive. We couldn’t be more excited to get things rolling!

Here’s what you need to know.

  • Before you apply for the FWTFL coaching certification, you must complete one round of the FWTFL as a client. You need to know and love the program.

  • Once you are accepted into the coaching certification program, you will have 6 months to go through the material and take your exam. Most people finish much sooner than that, some in just a few weeks.

  • Our new online backend office for coaches will take care of registration, payment and document signing. YOU KEEP 75% of all commissions! (This is unheard of, and we are SO excited to truly change lives with this income opportunity!)

  • WE take care of all the insurance, which means we take on all the liability, should any client issues arise. It’s rare, but it happens, and we don’t want you to worry about it.

  • You receive a business in a box! You’ll receive branding assets, marketing materials, and online portal access. Everything you need to start, promote and run your business!

  • You’ll receive the Business Accelerator Workshop self-study course to walk you through the process of setting up everything you need for your business marketing and sales funnels. You’ll also receive access to our private Facebook community for coaches. This is a very valuable resource!

  • Other FWTFL coaches can join your team for even more income opportunities! This is where it gets really good. Once you have 5 coaches on your team, you will be elevated to Premier Coach. You will receive a $1,000 bonus for each coach that signs up under you, PLUS 10% of ALL of their commissions!!

Here’s the best part!

Special Recruitment Event on April 23rd!

We are holding a LIVE EVENT on April 23, 2018 for potential FASTer Way coaches! If you know of anyone who is interested in this opportunity, don’t let them miss this event! Not only will YOU receive a $1,000 referral bonus, but THEY will receive $1,000 off our Tier 2 coaching package!

Space at this special event is limited, so be sure to register now so you don’t miss it!

This opportunity is perfect for:

  • Fitness Professionals already in the industry

  • Network Marketers who are passionate about health

  • Past Clients who are interested in changing lives

NOW is the perfect time to start talking about this special event and new opportunity. We recommend

  • Going LIVE on social media to talk about it

  • Writing a blog post for your readers

  • Telling your friends who would be interested

The FASTer Way To Fat Loss has already changed the lives of our COACHES (not just clients), some of whom are already earning a 6-figure income. This new opportunity has the potential to create this kind of earning potential for SO MANY more of our coaches!

Let’s take a quick look at some of the numbers.

As a coach, you bring in 20 clients to go through your FASTer Way group. You’ll average $200 per client when they register (this includes the upsells AND the 25% that goes to pay fees...remember, you make 75% of total sales). 20 clients x $200 = $4,000.

Now, if you bring in five coaches, you’ll get $1,000 for each referral ($5,000!), plus 10% of their commissions. If they each bring in 20 clients, that’s $400 per coach (10% of their commissions). For all five coaches, that’s $2,000 in commissions, plus your referral bonus, for a total of $7,000 of PASSIVE income!

This is a life-changing opportunity that we can’t wait to share with our coaches! We know there are so many women who are prepared to for a chance like this, but we need help getting the word out. That’s where you come in!

The next FASTer Way to Fat Loss® coach sneak peek is coming up soon- November 5th! If you haven’t gone through the program you MUST be registered for my October 29th round to be eligible for an interview so sign up today and grab a spot! As a premier coach I 100% understand the value of having a mentor as you onboard as a coach. I love that I can encourage and support my coaches on my team with one-on-one mentorship. Interested in learning more? Lets chat! You can shoot me a message through the contact me form, facebook, or IG. Lets connect!

Emily Copeland