Are your goals holding you back?

“The real value in setting goals is not the recognition or reward, it’s the person we become by finding discipline, courage and commitment to achieve them.”

Setting goals is a huge part of how successful you will be on your health and wellness journey. Without SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Trackable), you are far less likely to succeed in seeing those goals realized. 

If you don't have any goals you are working on, you are far more likely to talk about what "results" you would like to see, but never take action towards them. You are going to achieve those goals if you keep yourself MOTIVATED (another option for the M in Smart). When setting specific goals, you are more likely to make that goal a priority and continue until that goal has been met. Just saying you want to "eat healthy" lacks the motivation you need to truly reach a goal like that. Rather, saying you want to drink 5 cups of water a day and eliminate soda over the course of the month will give you far more motivation to achieve those goals because they are actually measurable! One way to keep your momentum going is to constantly set greater goals.

Setting goals also allows you to periodically check on your progress being made toward the completion of your goal. When you set a goal, you now have a starting place where you are and ending place that you want be. Setting a time (another T in SMART) to complete the goal that is reasonable gives you the push you need to accomplish the goal. Setting a time frame to check in on your goals to see progress, gives you the motivation to continue towards the end as well as adjust your goals appropriately. 

Finding someone to hold you accountable to your goals will also ensure you are far more successful in reaching those goals. You are likely to quit or cheat if no one is holding you to your commitment. As you achieve your goals, you will be able to celebrate those goals and gain confidence in yourself and your ability to do big things! Having someone who can celebrate with you is so much more fun. 

Make sure you have well designed, focused goals that will give you small progress points along the way. Ensuring you have created goals that are SMART will ensure you see those goals met! 

I encourage you, if you do not have any goals set, or you have not written them out on a piece of paper, take the time to do so. Be SMART. Commit to your goals. Watch yourself make progress. Rejoice in your small victories along the way!

Emily Copeland